Salai Sun Ceu
Kan Philh Lai Lo

I was immensely saddened by the demise of Salai Sun Ceu, a great singer with wonderful voice. He was an artist, a patriot, a country lover, and much more. He always chose to sing songs of love and unity, songs for our motherland that he always loved and longed for. He was the classic singer of Lai songs in Lai style and Lai feeling. He has adored our people to other peoples in Myanmar. He had been able to entertain our people far and near. Nothing can replace Salai Sun Ceu.

I had never been so emotional at the death of someone I have never met, but I believe the death of Salai Sun Ceu touches the heart of everybody who loves our people like he always did. Let me type a few lines to give him a tribute. For only those who don't understand Lai language at all, please click here.

It was in 1970's that Salai Sun Ceu began to sing. I was just a big boy at that time but his songs had inspired me a lot. They were so influencing. Everybody in town were singing them everywhere. We had never been fed up hearing them. We listened to him as if he was one of our friends in the village. We were so at home with his songs because he sings in most Lai style. Hear song 1 (the first 4 songs are from

Mah "Len Ka Zuam Lo" ti hla ah hin, kan u Sun Ceu hi Lai tlangval lunglen taktak in a lung a leng. A aw le a sak ning ah a lang. Lungkuai aw, ttah aw in a sak. Zan thlapa vang tang i Lai tlangval lungleng hlasak khi a si ko. A aw nih le a hno in a ttha tuk. A aw a sang kho tuk fawn. A sang a tlinh ning cu, vawleicung hlasa tampi lak hmanh ah awsang a tlinh pawl a si lai dah ka ti. Miphun dang sin zong ah a aw hi kan ihmaihngal (kan zahpi lo). Aw sang a tlinh ning cu ngai hmanh u.

Lai love song hi Halkha hla cun tampi a rak um ko nain Falam Lai holh i a um nak hi Salai Sun Ceu thawng in a si tiah kan ti khawh men lai. Amah thawng in Lai holh i love song sak hi mino nih an upat i, an uar i, an izahpi lo i, an icawn i, Lai zuun hla cu a nung tiah ti khawh a si. Cu cu, Salai Sun Ceu i lungleng tuk le hno tuk i hla a kan sakpiak ruang ah a si. Ngai rih hmanh u.

Pu Peng Thang nih cun "USA hi Lairam si seh law cu, Salai Sun Ceu hi Willie Nelson asi bak hnga" a ti ( Salai Sun Ceu cu Pathian a zum mi a si i, Bawi Zisuh an tlaih zan i Bawi Zisuh tuarh a har lai ning zong "Maw Umkhuahar" ti in radio ah a sak i, Moundy Thursday zan (tuzan bantuk) pohpoh ah Myanmar Broadcasting Service i Lai program in a chuak tawn. Kan Bawipa an tlaih zan poh ah Salai Sun Ceu zong kan philh lai lo.

Kan Laimi hi thiltthalo le hruh ral in kil ding a si ti hi aho poh nih kan hngalh a hau i, sual le hruh (at) cu truth le education in kan doh a hau. Mah cu Salai Sun Ceu nih hla in a kan chimh. "Sual le at doral kha kan do lai ah, remnak le duhdawtnak thawn feh usi" a ti. A hla von ngai hmanh u ( ta a si).


Atu cu amah hawikom a si mi Sai Hti Saing hla kan ngai ta lai, hika hi click u. Salai Sun Ceu le Sai Hti Saing hi hawikom ttha tuk an si i, u Sun Ceu Lairawn i a um hnu ah kum tampi chung an ihmu ti lo nain hawikom an si nak a zor lo. Salai Sun Ceu pawcawm bawmh nak ca ah an pahnih pahrang (talent) hmang in hlaphel zong an chuah i, Kawlram pumpaluk minung sin ah hawikom dawtnak an langhter. Laimi nih izohchunh awk tlak ngaingai a si.

Music a duh ngaingai mi ka si i, Lai hla, Lusei hla, Kawl hla, Mirang hla, genre phunphun ka ngai i, music tthattha le hla dawhdawh ka ngaih bu ah Salai Sun Ceu i Sentecai Hngilh Ti A Um Lo ti hla hi ka lung ah a taang ngaingai. Thadamte'n a sak, Lai sak in. Ngai hmanh u ( ta a si).

Laimi le Lai Ram a daw mi Lai pasal
Salai Sun Ceu
Nangmah ruang ah patling mitthli a tla.
Mual liam cang hmanh law
Lai miphun nih kan in philh lai lo.

Ceu Hlun
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Ninu a liam bang in,
nang cu na liam ruahro"


Salai Sun Ceu thih ka ngaihchiat lio i ka ngaih mi

Pa Hlun